ARTOLETTA’s latest collection was featured in “FLUSH”, a French toilet magazine.

FLUSH is the world’s first general interest magazine that decodes society through the prism of the body, intimacy, toilets, and taboos. And it is said to be an upscale, artistic and quirky quarterly magazine.It is sold in kiosks in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Portugal, and Canada.

ARTOLETTA’s ambition is to combine art and sanitaryware. From Japan, renowned for its toilet culture, the brand offers to dress any toilet bowl with a high-quality, hand-laid, made-to-measure covering for a perfect finish. Its laboratory-tested resistance to water and cleaning guarantees perfect hygiene over the long term. The multi-award-winning concept is now available in a seasonal, haute-couture-style collection. The first to date: Space Odyssey, episode 1. So, are you more of a blue, red or green planet?