Special collection “Mood Africa” was featured in a French toilet book.

We spend almost a year of our lives in the bathroom! Yet there is still so much we don’t know about toilets. What is the most beautiful toilet in the world? How much does a golden toilet cost? Is the topic of toilets taboo? What about defecation on uninhabited islands or in space? What kind of future do inventors and designers have in store for us?
Amazing ideas and humorous texts will turn you into an expert! Open the door to this wonderful world and begin your journey through time and around the globe.

Travel the world in search of a toilet with a beautiful view, discover a story full of twists and turns, and encounter something unusual every time you open the door.And these encounters raise questions about our customs and cultural differences.

We already know that toilets are always a humorous topic. But on the other hand, it can raise serious questions of survival,We are reminded that the toilet is a problem for every inventor and politician.

Toilets are wonderful worlds, colored by stories big and small, and the journey of unknown experiences and surprises can take us all the way to outer space.Just a short stop is all it takes to begin an extraordinary journey, and by the time you return from that meaningful journey, you may be as eager as we are to share your discoveries.Just place this one book on your living room table and watch the magic happen, and you will no longer sit on the throne known as the toilet seat as you did before.