MAISON & OBJET Paris Exhibition in January 2020

We exhibited at MAISON & OBJET, the world’s premier interior design exhibition held twice a year in Paris, France.

It was the 2nd challenge to Maison et Objet Paris. We selected « Sharaku » and « Sansui » ARTOLETTA for Japan Design and Japan Toilet exhibition. Also presented « Mood Africa » series of works with the theme including sustainability initiative. The impact and effect of the exhibition was astonishing and received big interests in the exhibition, also interviews from various industry magazine rushed to ARTOLETTA.The biggest surprise was a sudden visit of Mr. Philipp Plein, a fashion designer and billionaire, to our booth where he offered a purchase of Leopard ARTOLETTA for their newly building house in Los Angeles. The scene became turmoil but its was also a moment of getting pecious relashinships.