Tokyo Design Week / Exhibited at “Sharaku Inspired Exhibition 2016”

TDW’s special plan “Inspired Exhibition” , started since 2012, is a festival of art connecting past and contemporary artists based on inspiration received from great artists. “Sharaku” was selected in 2016 and the works yielded by top creators representing Japan related Sharaku got together beyond 222 years’ time and space.

Koji Akama released ARTOLETTA of “Edobei, the slave of Ohtani Oniji III” which is the master piece of Sharaku Toshusai who is an Ukiyo-e artist in Edo era.

DESIGN WEEK is a festival of creatives held all over the world. The biggest event in Japan is held in Tokyo and « Sharaku ARTOLETTA » of Koji Akama gave surprise and empathy to many attendants and media among various genre such as architecture, design, art, music and fashon, which became a moment that toilett opened a road of revolution coexistable with art or fashion.

Canvas : ARAUNO
Design : Sharaku Toshusai ARTOLETTA