MAISON & OBJET Paris 2023 MOM Digital Showroom “ SPACE AGE ”

MAISON & OBJET Paris is the decoration and lifestyle industry’s most highly publicised event. Between physical exhibitions and MOM, it’s a constantly updated pool of creative talent, with 600 new brands and more than 60,000 visitors from France and overseas present at each edition. No other event gives you this level of customer reach, sparking the kind of business opportunities you won’t find anywhere else. 2,300 exhibitors and 1,000 journalists wouldn’t miss this event for the world.ARTOLETTA has released their new collection “Space age” at MOM.

A new season of Europe started in September and a new works Collection SPACE AGE was released at M&O More Digital Exhibition. It was a sequel of the previous theme « SPACE ODYSSEY : 2023 » and expressed another dimension of SPACE AGE with a theme of unknown planetary exploration. It was also a world somehow nostargic and filled with delusion, excitement and fun packed with creativity in the future people dreamed of. The lifestyle living with ARTOLETTA will take you to a road to seek for your curiocity again.